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How to Make a Feature Request - SLA

Due to high demand on Electronic Accounting and Electronic Invoicing, our development staff will not be reviewing development requests until Feb. 2015.

Feature requests and roadmap policy

We maintain an official policy document about this on this link, detailing how we manage and select feature requests.

Search before posting

Before posting your idea, please search the forums for an existing one. This makes sure all of the 'votes' for a feature request are concentrated in one post, meaning the request will appropriately sift to the top if it is a popular one.

We normally do not provide ETAs or publish roadmaps

More information can be found here.

Do not repeatedly insist on feature requests

Although we're really glad you are excited about our products and your feature request, please do not repeatedly post or 'bump' feature requests for an update. If we have an update to give, we'll be the first to post it!

Keep separate feature requests in separate posts

Please do not bundle multiple feature requests into one ticket. If you are requesting more than one feature or enhancement, you will need to create more than one ticket.

Where did my feature request go?

We actively moderate the feature request tickets. Sometimes this includes merging one feature request ticket with another (if a duplicate exists), or closing a ticket to indicate if it will not be immediately available. If you've lost one of your tickets, click on My Tickets > View Resolved Tickets.

Be specific on your Request

It is important you give your feature request a good title so that it is clear to other users who scan the list. With tens of thousands of customers, we receive an awful lot of requests.

It should be generally obvious what you are requesting based on a short and succinct title. This increases the likelihood that other customers will understand your request, relate to it and want to open it up to add their support to it too.

Here are some bad title examples:

  • Feature request
    • Why: Too generic
    • Better: Resolution categories for tickets
  • We need the ability to enter a summary when a staff user checks out a guest
    • Why: Too long and not succinct
    • Better: Field for checkout summary
  • Enhance Housekeeping
    • Why: Too generic
    • Better: App to accelerate Room Status update for housekeeper