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SLA hotelRSV License Operative Support and Updates Service Agreement

hotelRSV User’s License, Operative Support and Updates Service

Upon activating hotelRSV, THE CLIENT (Hotel) has the right to the User’s License for “AS IS” modules and Operative Support according to the following terms:


  1. Operative support on behalf of our multidisciplinary team, who has been certified to use hotelRSV® software 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. Operative data backup for all acquired hotelRSV modules, including databases and reports, in an incremental and permanent manner. All data is stored in encrypted cloud servers.
  3. Activation of pre-defined parameters in the system for the activation of additional functionalities (based on the modules that have been acquired).
  4. Optimized response time for requests regarding operative support.
  5. Virtual tour on how to get started with new acquired modules.
  6. Server and cloud environment updates service, including accessibility via network and information security.
  7. Data encryption (SSL Security Certificate).
  8. Support file per client and per user for follow-up on the quality of our service.
  9. Access to our knowledge bases for operative and technical documentation, including requirements, standards, and best practices.
  10. Access to plug-ins for hotelRSV use and installation.
  11. Access to Analytics Platform (depending on acquired plan).
  12. Monitoring alerts via when flaws are detected in brand sites.
  13. Minor security upgrades.
  14. Common adjustment upgrades (new functionalities common to all clients) depending on common functionalities’ development cycles.
  15. Regulations for registering requests regarding new functionalities required by the client.

Typical Response Times

Level of Severity

Description of Severity



Level 1 - Critical

Critical Business Impact: Critical issue occurring on production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround.

    1      System hangs or crashes

    2      Critical functionality not available

    3      Data loss or data corruption

    4      Large number of end users blocked from work

    5      Impact is escalating quickly

90 min

Level 2 - Major


Significant Business Impact: Major issue occurring on production system severely impacting business. A large number of users are impacted by issue but they are still able to work in a limited capacity.

    1      Significant performance degradation

    2      Important functionality not available

    3      Small number of users blocked from work

    4      Impact is escalating

6 - 12 hrs

Level 3 - Medium


Minimal Business Impact: Issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on production system. A small number of users are affected.

    1      Some system functions not available

    2      Minor performance degradation

    3      Small number of users impacted

    4      Impact is not escalating

24 - 48 hrs

Level 4 - Low


Normal Business Impact: issue occurring on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue or other non-impacting issue.

    1      Incorrect product behavior without impact

    2      Product question or enhancement

48 – 96 hrs


Our Operative Support and Updates Service gives the right to preferential rates for:

I. Technical Support

  1. Installation, configuration, revision, and upgrade services for:
    1. Networks, client terminal hardware or software (workstation), server equipment hardware.

II. Training and Consulting

  1. Operative training regarding how to use hotelRSV®.
  2. Consulting services for process optimizations using hotelRSV (sales, pricing management, hotel marketing, social media management, SEO).
  3. Consulting and assistance in advanced analytics interpretation.

III. Website Services, SEO, SMM, SEM, DNS, SSL FQDN

  1. Acquisition, administration, updates, and uptime: DNS, FQDN, SSL.
  2. hotelRSV installation in websites.
  3. Website design, updates, and hosting.
  4. SEO, SEM, SMM.
  5. Community Management Services.

IV. Payment Gateways – Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment in national or foreign currency (depending on bank/gateway availability and contracted license with hotelRSV), with direct deposit straight to your hotel’s bank account.

  1. Transbank
  2. Banorte
  3. Santander
  4. Paypal
  5. Other Gateways and Payment Processing Companies.

Obligation to comply with the Privacy Terms according to current laws in each country

THE CLIENT is obliged to respect and adopt all the requirements that have been published in our Privacy Terms[AA1] , as well as complying with government regulations.

In-App Advertisemnt

  1. Publicidad de terceros: esto es para los clientes que no pagan una mensualidad o pagan la versión básica de hotelRSV. Nos permite recuperar costos de servidores cloud, certificados de seguridad y otros costos para que hotelRSV le permita recibir reservaciones.
  2. Sin Publicidad: Nuestros clientes pueden desactivar la publicidad realizando un pago mínimo según nuestros precios vigentes.
  3. Publicidad propia. Nuestros clientes pueden activar publicidad propia utilizando nuestro módulo de publicidad dinámica y responsiva según los precios vigentes. Esto desactiva la publicidad de terceros.

TripConnect Rules and Compliance

  1. The hotel rates published through channels must be at parity rate or less compared to OTA and public Channels.
  2. It is prohibited to click on the RESERVE NOW buttons from hotelRSV will track every click and can detect the source by use of IP and Cookies.
  3. hotelRSV and Hive Technology Inc. reserve the right charge the Hotel for unauthorized clicks and interrupt service in case of non-compliance with any of the above rules.

Our Operative and Technical Support is provided by our certified multidisciplinary team, who has years of experience in the use of Novohit and the required IT environment.

The hotelRSV software and system is distributed and installed “AS IS”, with the characteristics stipulated in the proposals, which are accepted by the CLIENT at the moment they acquire our services or user’s license.

Unjustified EMERGENCY priority on tickets are subject to additional cost of USD $120.00 per event. Justifiable Emergency cases: 1) Application down, or major malfunction causing significant and measurable business revenue loss 2) high numbers of staff from different Work stations/locations unable to perform their normal functions or critical deployment activity failed 3) Serious degradation of application performance or functionality for several users from different Work stations/locations.

Duration of the Agreement is subject to individual assigment and it is automatically renewed upon explicit termination by each party with 30 days notice unless other wise specified in individual agreements.

The expenses incurred by the system generation and installation, the parameterization and dimensioning of information, implantation, user training, and post-installation support are calculated by a work plan that is accepted by both parties. This plan covers the activities that are carried out by the assigned systems staff during the time stipulated in this plan.

In case the client is located outside the metropolitan area of Mexico City or Cancun, the client will cover the corresponding personal and aerial/ land transportation expenses, lodging, food and non-alcoholic beverage costs, and laundry service for each of the staff members assigned to the system’s implantation based on the work plan presented for the installation of equipment and/or for the implantation, training, and launch of the contracted system.

For remote training, the training schemes will be carried out virtually using technologic platforms provided by hotelRSV for these purposes. hotelRSV guarantees that the elements provided during the remote training process provide a comprehensive view for regular operations and for managerial operations. Once the pre-established training period has finalized, your staff will be ready to use the tool independently and with a high level of flexibility, as long as the client ensures that its staff is organized under the terms established in the work plan that was previously drafted by hotelRSV and THE CLIENT, always presenting its best ethical and professional demeanor.

For any of hotelRSV’s cloud computing services, an essential requirement is that broadband INTERNET ACCESS must be at least 2 MB (4 MB recommended) and that it works constantly and without interruptions. hotelRSV and its proprietary companies are not responsible for lack of service caused by, among others: inadequate updates of your electric networks/ local telecommunications, inadequate updates of your operative terminals, interrupted internet service (lack of payment, low speed, constant interruptions, configurations and network environments that do not comply with the requirements and standards published in our knowledge base).

Bank interface prices are defined upon activation and may vary for foreign currency payment interfaces. The client will absorb additional expenses in the case of particular developments or developments that require additional hours to the ones originally scheduled.

hotelRSV reserves the right to implement third-party advertisement in order to reduce costs.