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SSL Certificates Required on Local Servers

As of November 1st 2014, all our certificates are issued with SHA-2, more information at our notifications center.  

All our clients must adopt SSL certificates for secure (https) connections on local servers. Additionally, in order to comply with the CA/B Forum requirements, it is no longer possible to purchase or renew 3-year as of February 26, 2018, nor 2 year certificates as of August 19 2020.

SSL certificates may only be issued for 1 year. More at SECTIGO, Apple and CA FORUM.


  1. FQDN - provided by Novohit.
  2. SSL @ 128/256 bit SHA-2 - provided by Novohit.
  3. Installation, configuration - provided by Novohit.
  4. Public IP mapping via "authoritative DNS" - provided by Novohit.
  5. Private LAN IP mapping via local LAN DNS Routing. – implemented by your local LAN administrator. More information here.


1. Contact you ISP to obtain a static IP WAN address. If you do not have a static IP WAN address, please notify our support team to provide a dynamic DNS client (Dynamic IP addresses are usually not recommended). 

2. Choose how many years you wish to renew your domain:

Price Table, per domain/subdomain:


Installation / Renewal

1 year 275

All prices in USD, do not include TAX and subject to change. Prices for Clients Maintenance and Support SLA.

3. Open a Ticket on under Tech Support, confirming your IP address and the amount of years you wish to renew.

Why are SSL certificates, FQDN and DNS important

  1. SSL connectivity encrypts connections on LAN and WAN networks, avoiding data tampering and middle-man data theft like SPOOFING or PHISHING.
  2. All transactions would be encrypted with 256 bits, including hotelRSV reservations sync, Electronic Invoice and Electronic Accounting, Front Office, POS and Spaces data, API data, Tripadvisor, etc; thus, your company's information, as well as clients' and suppliers' sensitive information is not subject to tampering.
  3. Official DNS ensure correct mapping (server verification) and uptime for remote access, remote support, data backup services and monitoring services provided by Novohit.

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