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Credit Card Payment FAQ

> I would like bookings to always be pending until I review them to confirm them.

This is possible with hotelRSV.

Payment with credit card is an optional method of guarantee. You can accept other methods like "pay at the hotel", "wire", "bill me later" or simply a "handshake guarantee".

Each guarantee or payment method will have a status associated to it: CONFIRMED or PENDING.

In the latter case (pending), all reservations that have not been manually confirmed by your staff will automatically expire when a certain date is reached (before check-in) and thus inventory is released again.

This (pending) is your case.

Once you've verified the reservation, you can enter to hotelRSV Dashboard, confirm the reservation and send the guest an automated email to notify.

Activating the automatic CONFIRMED status is only suggested when hotel/propery guarantee policy foresees immediate payment with no option to refund (usually 1 night), but it's up to the hotel.

> So if it's possible to authorize payments on people's cards when they book it, but not process the charge completely until I review the booking?

Paypal and Stripe allow two-step payments, also known as “auth and capture.” This process allows you to authorize a charge and wait to settle it later.

> And payments can be received by PayPal but also by direct credit card charge right?

Paypal's and Stripe's interface accepts payments with both Paypal and Credit Cards, users do not need a Paypal nor a Stripe Account.

> And is it possible to give customers the option to charge them for example 50% to hold the room, and then they pay the rest upon arrival in cash?

Yes. Additionally, hotelRSV supports both % or # of nights as guarantee. We usually recommend 50% or 1 night.

******* IMPORTANT ******

Please do not setup a Stripe or Paypal yet until your hotelRSV account has been launched.

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