Extended Validation SSL for and

hotelRSV and Novohit have implemented Extended Validation Security Seal since 2009, providing the maximum level of encryption security in the E-commerce industry and 1.75 Million US Dollars insurance protection for purchases online against fraud.

hotelRSV uses Comodo 2048 bit Extended Validation

This seal certifies that every single transaction is encrypted at 2048 bits using the latest encryption algorithms, the the content is sent only to our servers which can only be decrypted on our servers, thus ensuring no message interception.

79% of online users recognize Sites with "Green Bars" and understand that the seal ensures secure and verified with the minimum risk.

By implementing this seal, hotelRSV is eliminating the barrier some users have when giving their personal data or credit cards when reserving hotel rooms on the hotel's official website.

Novohit is also providing confidence to users that access business data, like downloading cloud invoices or accessing the help desk.

Our SSL security mechanism supports 99.99% of browsers, including mobile and tablet, covering worldwide travelers looking to book directly on hotels' websites.

Comodo's Extended Validation Certificate show the GREEN BAR on both desktop and Mobile Devices.

Mobile Green Bar

Safari hotelRSV uses Comodo 2048 bit Extended Validation

Firefox hotelRSV uses Comodo 2048 bit Extended Validation

Chrome hotelRSV uses Comodo 2048 bit Extended Validation

All our clients and their users using any of our or our major platforms with Green Bar are covered with the latest SHA Extended Validation Certificate, this means that all your travelers will see the Green Bar and Comodo seal while making a reservation from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. \

The seal is a visual aid. In the background, the certificate is encrypting every single piece of information so no malicious third party can intercept and steal it. It also warns the user if he is potentially being hacked, actively protecting his personal and payment information.

Furthermore, our certificates protect users for up to 1.75 Million USD in "relying party warranty". This means that travelers purchasing through our apps are insured against any losses they may incur in case a site is not trusted or insecure, the insurance is provided by Comodo. All these features are part of hotelRSV efforts to enhance our hotel Online Security to achieve more reservations. ensures users and companies data are protected against third party sniffing and spoofing.

"We are happy to have formed this new alliance with Comodo. Peace of mind for our customers is one of our major concerns. Hotels know that their travelers are secure when booking rooms on their websites using our IBE platform. Travelers reserve with confidence, when it comes to their personal details or credit card data, travelers know they are backed up by the most used eCommerce security provider: Comodo." Says Miguel W. Chief Technology officer of hotelRSV.

Novohit and hotelRSV are very serious about traveler security and privacy. Thus we continuously enhance and upgrade our reservation systems with the latest hotel booking technology technology and leading security partners in the industry like Comodo. Verify our seal now by clicking on browser's green lock at the top of the page.

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