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All in one Touchscreen POS for Novohit

Novohit's POS can operate on virtually any professional-grade POS Touch hardware that complies with the following technical specifications:





8 GB

  • 8GB is the minimum RAM recommended for any workstation operating with Novohit

Hard Drive

80 GB @ 7,200 RPM

or SSD (Solid State Drive)

  • 50% of free space must be guaranteed
  • SSD Disks are recommended


Intel i series @ 1.9GHz

  • Low-performance processors are discouraged and Novohit support may not be provided on machines with low-profile/low-performance Processors like Celeron, Atom or home-edition AMD.

  • Intel i5, i7 are recommended



  • Capacitive screens are preferred.


Water/heat resistance

  • POS hardware must be professional-grade  

Novohit provides certified, professional grade POS hardware built with high performance components which comply and excede the minimum requirements listed above:

NOVOHIT POS Modelo B2                     Novohit POS Touch Modelo X2
Novohit POS Touch B2 Capacitive                               Novohit POS Touch X2 Capacitive

You can order all-in-one Touch Screen POS systems provided by Novohit by placing a Ticket on

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