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Recommended Network Hardware - Modem - Router - Switch - ENGLISH

IMPORTANT: It the client's responsibility to adopt implement a compatible router.

Recommended Modems

You can keep your current modem (the one provided by your ISPs or Cisco/Linksys). Modem+router devices are accepted since with the new configuration they will run in BRIDGE mode.

Recommended Routers


The following list is ordered by performance, low to high:

RB760iGS (hEX S) 




You can keep your current cat5e or cat6e switch.

Network Diagram




Note: Your modem must run in BRIDGE mode as the result of this network configuration. Contact your ISP for more information.

Note 2: The new network schema requires three separate devices: one modem/fiber-optic, one Mikrotik Router (or Verizon Router for the US) and one switch.

Note 3: Router configuration guide:

Last Update: May, 2014.

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