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SLA Novohit Support Backups Updates Monitoring SBUM Service Agreement

Operative Support, Backups, Updates and Monitoring Service Agreement (SBUM)

Monthly/Annual Operative Support and Updates Agreement include:

  • Operative support on behalf of our multidisciplinary team, who has been certified to use Novohit® software:

    • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for mission-critical support industries (Hotels, Hospitals 24x7 Retail).

    • Local Business Hours for non-mission critical industries (Administrative).

  • Operative data backup every 12 hours for all acquired novohit modules, including databases and reports, in an incremental and permanent manner. All data is stored in encrypted cloud servers.

  • Activation of pre-defined parameters in the system for the activation of additional functionalities (based on the modules that have been acquired).

  • Minor adjustments in the reports’ format.

  • Optimized response time for requests regarding operative support.

  • Virtual tour on how to get started with new acquired modules.

  • Support extends to the environmental software (operating system CentOS and server’s library) required for the operation of novohit® in the server.

  • Support reports (minutes) when required.

  • Support file per client and user for follow-up on the quality of our service.

  • Access to our knowledge bases for operative and technical documentation, including requirements, standards, and best practices.

  • Monitoring service and alerts via when a flaw is detected in the operating systems or in network accesses.

  • Minor security upgrades.

  • Minor common adjustment upgrades: bug fixes and functionality improvements common to all clients for acquired modules based on our Functionality Development Policies and depending on their compatibility with the Operating System’s actual version and Nucleus Libraries (for example, but not limited to, PHP and DBMS).

  • Regulations for registering requests regarding adaptation or specific functionalities that the client may need that are not accounted for in the system. We provide a guide for requesting new functionalities.

Typical Response Times

Description of Severity


Reaction Time

Critical Business Impact: Critical issue occurring on production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround.

    1      System hangs or crashes

    2      Critical functionality not available

    3      Data loss or data corruption

    4      Large number of end users blocked from work

    5      Impact is escalating quickly

90 min

Significant Business Impact: Major issue occurring on production system severely impacting business. A large number of users are impacted by issue but they are still able to work in a limited capacity.

    1      Significant performance degradation

    2      Important functionality not available

    3      Small number of users blocked from work

    4      Impact is escalating

6 - 12 hrs

Minimal Business Impact: Issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on production system. A small number of users are affected.

    1      Some system functions not available

    2      Minor performance degradation

    3      Small number of users impacted

    4      Impact is not escalating

24 - 48 hrs

Normal Business Impact: issue occurring on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue or other non-impacting issue.

    1      Incorrect product behavior without impact

    2      Product question or enhancement

48 – 96 hrs


Our Operative Support and Updates Service gives the right to preferred rates for:

I. Technical Support

  • Installation, configuration, revision, and upgrade services for:

    • Networks, client terminal hardware or software (workstation), server equipment hardware.

  • Configuration of printers and/or pre-printed formats for laser, dot matrix printers, POS thermal printers, checks, and electronic billing.

  • Installation and configuration of equipment that novohit has an interface with (for example: PBX, depending on acquired license)

II. Back-up or Restoration Services

  • Back-up of electronic billing.

  • Cloud computing recovery services.

  • Backup Frequency Upgrade every 6/4/2 hours.
  • Reinstallation of Novohit and Host Operating System in compatible server.

  • Server Migration services.

III. Training and Consulting

  • Operative training regarding how to use Novohit®.

  • Consulting services for process optimizations using Novohit (Front Office, Accounting, Points of Sale).

IV. DNS, SSL FQDN Services

  • Acquisition, administration, updates, and uptime: DNS, FQDN, SSL.

V. Development of Functionalities, Reports, and Specific Modules and API Connectivity

A client’s developments and specific functionalities must be reported via tickets with an attached PDF document including:

  • Official analysis of requirements

  • Cases of use

  • Flow chart of common cases

Our development department will evaluate requested functionalities in order to determine feasibility. Evaluation times will depend on the department’s current workload and can vary from 1 to 8 weeks. In case of acceptance, the client will receive: action plan, costs, and implementation times.

For Webservices and APIs, developers must pass the verification process as stated in our API connectivity policies.

VI. Third-party Support (interfaces or external suppliers).

  1. Connectivity or generic problems resolutions attributed to third-party.
  2. Upgrades or changes in APIs, languages, SDK, versions.

VII. Access to Test Environments

  1. Access to test environments under responsibility of the user as determined on our Test Environment Policies

Emergency Priority Policy

To optimize response times and offer a balance assignment of human resources, we've set an Emergency Priority Policy, stating that unjustified EMERGENCY priority on tickets are subject to additional cost starting at USD $200 plus applicable tax per event. Justifiable Emergency cases that will not apply extra charges are:

  1. Application down, or major malfunction causing significant and measurable business revenue loss
  2. High numbers of staff from different Work stations/locations unable to perform their normal functions or critical deployment activity failed
  3. Serious degradation of application performance or functionality for several users from different Work stations/locations.

( * ) Up to 10 (ten) hours of monthly support per acquired module per business unit. Hours may be subject to an additional cost other than the preferential rate for clients with a updates contract. Hours are calculated per operative support event.

Support events for clients without Novohit Support and Updates Service Agreement will apply USD $200 / hourly rate.

Duration of the Agreement is subject to individual assigment and it is automatically renewed upon explicit termination by each party with 60 days notice unless other wise specified in individual agreements. Else, Universal Commercial Terms Apply.

Operative and Technical Support is provided by our certified multidisciplinary team, who has years of experience in the use of novohit and the required IT environment.

The novohit software and system is distributed and installed “AS IS”, with the characteristics stipulated in the proposals, which are accepted by the CLIENT at the moment they acquire our services or license of use.

The expenses incurred by the system generation and installation, the parameterization and dimensioning of information, implantation, user training, and post-installation support are calculated by a work plan that is accepted by both parties. This plan covers the activities that are carried out by the assigned systems staff during the time stipulated in this plan. Clients without Updates Contract do not qualify for discounts on the services listed in this SLA. 

In case the client is located outside the metropolitan area of Mexico City or Cancun, the client will cover the corresponding personal and aerial/ land transportation expenses, lodging, food and non-alcoholic beverage costs, and laundry service for each of the staff members assigned to the system’s implantation based on the work plan presented for the installation of equipment and/or for the implantation, training, and launch of the contracted system.

For remote training, the training schemes will be carried out virtually using technologic platforms provided by novohit for these purposes. novohit guarantees that the elements provided during the remote training process provide a comprehensive view for regular operations and for managerial operations. Once the pre-established training period has finalized, your staff will be ready to use the tool independently and with a high level of flexibility, as long as the client ensures that its staff is organized under the terms established in the work plan that was previously drafted by novohit and THE CLIENT, always presenting its best ethical and professional demeanor.

For any of Novohit’s cloud computing services and/or Operative Suppor service, an essential requirement is that broadband INTERNET ACCESS with Fixed IP address must comply with the minimum requirements published in our Knowledgebase at Internet Access must be used only be the administrative/operative staff (not for public internet use), and that it works constantly and without interruptions. Novohit and its proprietary companies are not responsible for lack of service caused by, among others: inadequate updates of your electric networks/ local telecommunications, inadequate updates of your operative terminals, interrupted internet service (lack of payment, low speed, constant interruptions, configurations and network environments that do not comply with the requirements and standards published in our knowledge base).

In case of server migration, company switching, business unit migration or similar transactions, SLA is transfered to the new license. Thus, old business units/servers are not covered by SLA.

Novohit and its proprietary companies are not hold rights to deny the creation and assignment of users, roles and permissions to operate Novohit in order to avoid security breaches or conflict of interest, please refer to the disclaimer in the Create Novohit Users Knowledgebase article. The Client is the sole responsible for the creation, role assignment, and updates for it's users, as well as the operations done by its users, internal or third party.

Novohit is not responsbile for the operations done or executed by the Client's users or information extracted by users, intentionally or non intentionally.

In cases of support requests from clients without Annual/Monthly service contract, support requests will be handled by event by full hour rate.

The Test Environments are considered Novohit facilities which require additional Use Licenses to those granted. For any case not contemplated in the Test Environments Policy, the enabling of test environments will be subject to an additional charge with prior notification to the client.