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Test Environment Policy - SLA

Novohit has test environments that allow operating conditions similar to the current one to be replicated. These test environments can be used by our Support Staff to review cases or requests and test new features before implementing them. Sometimes they can be used for specific training.

The test environments are for the exclusive use of the Novohit Support Staff according to our Novohit Support SLA.

If your company requires access to test environments, it must be requested via Ticket at, from our Administration department, requesting authorization for the test environment, indicating:

  • Reason for testing
  • Test duration
  • Users who will require access
  • Required functionalities, including interfaces with third parties

With this information, our Staff will evaluate and generate a quote for the service of activating an additional license in test mode according to our Universal Commercial Terms.


Unless access is requested and granted as established in this document, the test environments are for the exclusive use of the Novohit Staff.

Test environments can only be granted for up to 15 days. Additional times should be seen on a case-by-case basis.

Access can only be granted to up to 10% of the pre-existing users of a platform. Additional users should be seen on a case-by-case basis.

Production functions will not be enabled in test environments.

Some functions that depend on interfaces with third parties may not be enabled; therefore, all functions must be explicitly requested.

Required functions, such as interfaces with third parties that have not been explicitly requested, are not covered in the test environment.