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This Agreement is entered into on date October 1st by and between, Hive Technology Inc., authorized distributor and service provider, hereafter “HOTELRSV”, as parent company of all applicable subsidiaries, with registered office in 25109 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 320, Murrieta, California, United States of America (or sometimes referred as "US" or "WE"), and “THE PROPERTY” (or sometimes referred as "YOU"), henceforth known as "The Parties". Other subjects mentioned in this document (e.g. "THE TRAVELER") are not bound to the terms henceforth.

  1. For systems and software:
    1. Delivery Time for the HOTELRSV® installation: AS INDICATED ON THE TRAINING PROGRAM.
    3. VALIDITY OF QUOTES AND PROPOSALS: 30 calendar days.
  2. The prices mentioned in the quote are expressed in US Dollars, except explicit exceptions.
  3. Taxes are NOT included.
  4. The payment can be made in USD or its equivalent in national currency, considering the dollar exchange rate prevailing on the day of payment.
  5. Prices do not include equipment of areas, electric installations, or signals; nor do they include electric cable laying and/or signals.
  6. The terms and prices included in all quotes are “AS IS”, and are based on the communication exchanged between both parties (phone conversations and emails) and the gathering of information prior to the quote; any change in the need for operative modules or in the quoted business unit will imply a reevaluation of the current quote.
  7. The system generation and installation expenses, the parameterization and dimensioning of information, the implantation and user training, as well as post-installation support, will be carried out according to a work plan that has been accepted by both parties. This plan covers the activities that will be carried out by the Systems Team that has been assigned for the stipulated timeframe.
  8. The activities carried out by the licensee’s staff outside of the stipulated timeframe, as well as any other deviation caused by reasons beyond our staff’s control, will incur a US $400.00 penalty for each additional day. This ensures that the system implantation is concluded within the stipulated time frame.
  9. In the case of annulment or suspension of any contracted service and/or product, once initial payment has been made and prior to the delivery date of these, the client will be subject to a fee of 35% of the corresponding quoted price for the service and/or product (100% if it has already been delivered).
  10. The client will cover, according to the work plan presented during the system’s installation and implantation, each of the System Implantation Team member’s lodging expenses, as well as expenses that correspond to food and non-alcoholic beverages and laundry service.
  11. novohitservices DO NOT INLCUDE:
    1. Internet service (ISP): this is the client’s responsibility, and it must meet the minimum requirements recommended by HOTELRSV.
    2. Maintenance of clients’ workstations or PC´s.
    3. Maintenance of LAN network and network equipment (routers, switch, balancers, etc.).
    4. Maintenance or quotes for other third-party services or third-party support service’s costs.
    5. Hardware devices and their maintenance or support.
  12. For any of HOTELRSV’s Cloud Computing Services, the fundamental requirement is broadband INTERNET ACCESS, of at least 4Mbps (10Mbps recommended), and that it works constantly and without interruptions. HOTELRSV® and its proprietary companies will not be held liable for lack of service caused, among other factors, by:
  13. Inadequate electric networks / telecommunications.
  14. Flaws in operative terminals.
  15. Interrupted Internet service (low speed, long or periodic interruptions, service cancellation on behalf of Internet provider (ISP).
  16. By business unit, we imply an operative entity with the following characteristics:
    1. Registered name.
    2. Unique registered name in operation, providing services or products, in the physical addressed declared in the registered name.
    3. One or several operating units in the same territory, confined under the same registered name and address.
      By confined territory, we imply that the operative unit(s) reside in the physical address declared in the registered name and that they complement the main objective for the HOTELRSV® installation.
      1. The headquarters in charge of the management of several business units will be considered as an independent business unit in itself.
      2. Variations of business units (for example, but not limited to: two registered names that physically reside in the same address for strategic tax reasons, with the same operation) will be evaluated by HOTELRSV´s staff and may incur in variations in this quote.
      3. Several registered names with different addresses for each one, that use the same commercial brand but whose operations are independent and reported to another business unit (headquarters) will require a user’s license for each of the operative entities.
  17. For the payment of maintenance services, the corresponding payments must be via check or bank transfer to the accounts that the client is already is familiar with.
  18. Any Term explicitaly indicated on a proposal, quote or implementation document overrules any term in this document.
  19. Unless otherwise stated by writen, all payments are due net 7.
  20. Credit card fees are not included in this agreement and shall be payed to the Payment Gateway or credit card processor used by THE CLIENT.
  21. In case terms are conflicting, the terms on this proposal rule. In case on term is not applicable, all other terms remain enforceable.
  22. Our Support and Maintenance Service policies are described in our SLA.



Within the USA: Payments can be fulfilled online with PayPal, Credit Card, Check, or Wire transfer.

Outside of the USA: Payments can be fulfilled only online with PayPal, Credit Card or via local bank transfer as indicated by the local branch or NOVOHIT representative.

Returned overdraft Checks or charge-backs may result in a $100 Fee minimum or as permitted by law.

All payments are net 7.

Commission Mode

We will bill you for every room/unit reserved with effective stay during the previous month.

Transactions subject to Commission: reservations/purchases with effective stay or with active payment made through: Webapp on public channels loading hotelrsv.js or hotelRSV Modules, Facebook pages with active hotelRSV App, via Tripconnect or Instant Booking, reservations completed via CPC campaigns on sites/apps with hotelrsv.js or hotelRSV Modules installed, mobile sites or apps loading hotelRSV Modules, reservations completed through the private extranet

Trade show organizers and producers: please refer to the contract established between hotelRSV or its subsidiaries.

Reservas canceladas, huéspedes No-Show

Rooms/units reserved that have been cancelled or result in no-show but that have been payed for with and not limited to: credit card, deposit, wire transfer, check, "Pay Now", immediate payment, escrow, hold-up, credit card charge by phone, or any other method for which the hotel has charged the traveler previous or after the check-in date for the no-show or full reservation amount are subject to payment and shall be billed.

If a reservation has been cancelled or there is a No Show, THE PROPERTY must cancel the reservation on hotelRSV (Reservations > Room Reservation > Cancel Reservation). All cancellations must be completed before the billing cycle as establishes in the PAYMENTS paragraph of this agreement.


You must cancel reservations on hotelRSV's extranet before the next billing cycle.

In case THE PROPERTY did not cancelled the reservations within the limit indicated in this document, YOU will have 6 day period to prepare a reconcilation, which must be sent via ticket on > hotelRSV Admin or to admin (@) including precise detail of each cancelled reservation (motive, communication with the guest, bank reconciliation, credit card charge back proof and include the updated Reservation Summary report obtained from hotelRSV's extraner: > Reservations > Report > Reservation Summary for the billing cycle.

Clients with Novohit: we will consider reconciliations from Both platforms.

All reconcialations must be presented before the payment deadline as specified in this document, if presented after this date, we reserve the right to ignore reconciliaton requests and charge the full value of the invoice.


The stipulations in this contract shall come into force on the day of its signature, for a period of one year. After this period and every one year thereafter the Agreement shall be renewed automatically, unless otherwise indicated by either of the parties, in writing, with at least 30 days advance notice.

Both parties can terminate with a written notification on ticket at with at least 30 days notice.

In case of termination, future reservations will be considered as effective transactions and will be billed along with any other dues within 5 days of termination and are net 7.


We continuously do random controls and reserve the right to contact travelers regarding their reservations, past or future stay for purposes of quality control.

Rate Parity

Although hotelRSV does not enforce Rate Parity, it is strongly recommended to comply with rate parity practices for public channels.

Referral Program

When THE CLIENT refers hotelRSV to other PROPERTIES not within the same group, business unit or not commercially related or associated, and such referrals enter into agreement with HOTELRSV, THE CLIENT may be entitled to 0.25$ (twenty five cents) per room or $25, whichever is greater, applied towards HOTELRSV credit for the next billing period._


All information and documentation transmitted by either of the parties to the other in the development and execution of this contract shall be deemed confidential and for the exclusive use of the provider of the same, and may not be communicated to third parties without their explicit written consent.

Neither of the parties shall acquire any right over any confidential information, policies, SLA or other ownership rights of the other party as a result of this agreement.

Prohibition of Contractual Assignment

The present contract may not be assigned or outsourced, or transmitted for any purpose, nor collaboration of any kind agreed with third parties, without express written consent from the other party.

The parties agree that the Products and Services referred to in this agreement shall be subject to the pricing policies and brand image defined by both parties.


The storage, use, and handling of Credit Card information or otherwise private information is the sole responsibility of THE CLIENT according to the laws and practices of the country/region in which THE CLIENT operates in. HOTELRSV does not hold Traveler Credit Card information.

HOTELRSV is a cloud software platform delivered "AS IS".


HOTELRSV thrives to deliver excellent technical support service to THE CLIENT. Service will be provided in English, Spanish, Italian and when available, may be delivered in the CLIENT’s language. For guaranteed submission, all support requests (tickets) must be submitted on All calls, texts, emails to personal accounts may not be responded or may result in the creation of a ticket.

Full SLA Details are available at > SLA.


Both Parties agree to try to reach an amicable solution to any incident or claim that may arise in relation with the interpretation, application, efficacy or compliance with this contract. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the Parties shall submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of the city of Riverside, CA, USA.

Optional Services

Create Facebook Business Listing Page setup: $120 per page per property (self installation guide available at Facebook’s help center)

Tripconnect Setup: from $120 per property (self installation guide available at

Website Installation (for users with pre-existing website): from $120 per website according to the number of pages (self installation guide available at