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Universal Commercial Terms Novohit
  1. For systems and software:
    1. Delivery Time for the Novohit® installation: AS INDICATED ON THE TRAINING PROGRAM.
    3. VALIDITY OF QUOTES AND PROPOSALS: 30 calendar days.
  2. The prices mentioned in the quote are expressed in US Dollars, except explicit exceptions.
  3. Taxes are NOT included.
  4. The payment can be made in USD or its equivalent in national currency, considering the dollar exchange rate prevailing on the day of payment.
  5. Prices do not include equipment of areas, electric installations, or signals; nor do they include electric cable laying and/or signals.
  6. The terms and prices included in all quotes are “AS IS”, and are based on the communication exchanged between both parties (phone conversations and emails) and the gathering of information prior to the quote; any change in the need for operative modules or in the quoted business unit will imply a reevaluation of the current quote.
  7. The system generation and installation expenses, parameter setup and information evaluation, the implantation and user training, as well as post-installation support, will be carried out according to a work plan that has been accepted by both parties. This plan covers the activities that will be carried out by the Systems Team that has been assigned for the stipulated timeframe.
  8. The activities carried out by the licensee’s staff outside of the stipulated timeframe, as well as any other deviation caused by reasons beyond our staff’s control, will incur a US $400.00 penalty for each additional day. This ensures that the system implantation is concluded within the stipulated time frame.
  9. In the case of annulment or suspension of any contracted service and/or product, once initial payment has been made and prior to the delivery date of these, the client will be subject to a fee of 35% of the corresponding quoted price for the service and/or product (100% if it has already been delivered).
  10. The client will cover, according to the work plan presented during the system’s installation and implantation, each of the System Implantation Team member’s lodging expenses, as well as expenses that correspond to food and non-alcoholic beverages and laundry service.
  11. Novohit services DO NOT INLCUDE:
    1. Internet service (ISP): this is the client’s responsibility, and it must meet the minimum requirements recommended by Novohit.
    2. Maintenance of clients’ workstations or PC´s.
    3. Maintenance of LAN network and network equipment (routers, switch, balancer, etc.).
    4. Maintenance or quotes for other third-party services or third-party support service’s costs.
    5. Hardware devices and their maintenance or support.
  12. For any of Novohit’s Cloud Computing Services, SaaS licenses, including EINV Novohit SaaS
    1. the fundamental requirement is broadband INTERNET ACCESS, of at least 4Mbps (10Mbps recommended), and that it works constantly and without interruptions. Novohit® and its proprietary companies will not be held liable for lack of service caused, among other factors, by:
      1. Inadequate electric networks / telecommunications.
      2. Flaws in operative terminals.
      3. Interrupted Internet service (low speed, long or periodic interruptions, service cancellation on behalf of Internet provider (ISP).
    2. Payments not fulfilled within 15 days of the moment of invoice, or, as indicated in the invoice detail, may result in suspension of the service, access to the information, downloads, backup processes, etc.
  13. By business unit, we imply an operative entity with the following characteristics:
    1. Registered name.
    2. Unique registered name in operation, providing services or products, in the physical addressed declared in the registered name.
    3. One or several operating units in the same territory, confined under the same registered name and address.
      By confined territory, we imply that the operative unit(s) reside in the physical address declared in the registered name and that they complement the main objective for the Novohit® installation.
      1. The headquarters in charge of the management of several business units will be considered as an independent business unit in itself.
      2. Variations of business units (for example, but not limited to: two registered names that physically reside in the same address for strategic tax reasons, with the same operation) will be evaluated by Novohit´s staff and may incur in variations in this quote.
      3. Several registered names with different addresses for each one, that use the same commercial brand but whose operations are independent and reported to another business unit (headquarters) will require a user’s license for each of the operative entities.
  14. All recurring services have a contractual term of one year from the date of acceptance and automatically renew. Cancellations may be done 60 days in advance. Restrictions apply. 
  15. Payments of SBUM or recurring services must be completed via check or bank transfer to the accounts known by the client.
  16. Any Term explicitly indicated on a proposal, quote or implementation document overrules any term in this document.
  17. In case terms are conflicting, the terms on this proposal rule. In case on term is not applicable, all other terms remain enforceable.
  18. Unless otherwise stated by written, all payments are due net 7.
  19. Our Support and Maintenance Service policies are described in our SLA.


Within the USA: Payments can be fulfilled online with PayPal, Credit Card, Check, or Wire transfer.

Outside of the USA: Payments can be fulfilled only online with PayPal, Credit Card or via local bank transfer as indicated by the local branch or NOVOHIT representative.

Returned overdraft Checks or charge-backs may result in a $100 Fee minimum.

All payments are net 7.