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Allotment por día para hotelRSV
Posted on 20 April 2016 04:32 PM

Estimados clientes, con gusto informamos que hotelRSV tiene una nueva funcionalidad: Allotment por día. Esta funcionalidad es complementaria a SmartAvail y ya está disponible sin costo para todos nuestros clientes con hotelRSV.

Ahora, además de modificar tarifas por día, podrá variar el allotment diario por
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We've just released a new hotelRSV version that renders it even more mobile friendly.

  • New Header Bar with better Dates User Interface.
  • New Information Dialogs.
  • Better picture rendering.
  • Faster loading: 25% faster (3.03 seconds load time), 50% lighter and 86/100 on page speed rating by Pingdom
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Since 2014, hotelRSV and Novohit have been TripConnect Premium partners, being one of the first Internet Booking Engines and PMS to partner up with the largest Travelers' Portal in the world with over 320 million active monthly users.

Today, we are happy to announce that hotelRSV is now part of the HAC version 5 (or v5) connectivity program.

This means that our clients can now allow users to book multiple rooms on

2016 will be full of new
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