Specifications on EMERGENCY Priority and Extra Charges

Specifications on EMERGENCY Priority and Extra Charges

This document is referenced by Operative Support, Backups and Updates Service Agreement (SBU)

Since help.novohit.com came live in 2012, we've upgraded our support Service Level Agreement and been able to reduce response times by 30%. In average, our support specialists respond operative support requests within 2.5 hours regardless of the priority.

Criteria for Extra Charges on Support Service

Our SLA indicates details on which services apply extra cost, this document is intended only to clarify motivations.

Novohit Technical Support

As stated in our SLA, the client is responsible of enabling and maintaining hardware, electric wiring, networks and peripherals. Novohit provides with directives and technical instructions. Novohit does not sell or distribute third party hardware and does not provide maintenance over such equipment unless explicitly stated by our staff via ticket. 

Thus, Technical Support might apply extra cost when our team must implement, enable or provide maintenance over technical equipment, even if remotely via Software access.

Emergency Priority Policy

We've published a simple and clear criteria to be applied by our staff of Justifiable Emergency Priorities for support tickets. Please take time to read it before posting.

Unjustified EMERGENCY tickets are subject to additional cost.

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